Roadtripping from state 48 to state 49

Shared by our Friend Lacie:

Last February I went on a huge road trip from Tucson, AZ to Anchorage, AK. Driving 4,000 miles in the dead of winter was nerve-wracking at times but also totally amazing. Everyone I know assumed that I’m insane but there are benefits to traveling in the off season like having the sights to yourself. Here are my five favorite sights from my road trip.

#1 - Morro Rock – Just happened to see a billboard for this and decided to check it out. The beach was gorgeous and this leftover chunk of a volcano was massive.

Morro Rock


#2 Big Sur – Driving up the PCH through Big Sur was amazing and there was almost no traffic. Even in the foggy winter weather it was absolutely breathtaking.

Big Sur

#3 Sign Post Forest – This was started by a homesick GI working on the Alaska highway.

Lots of Street SIgns

#4 Sunrises in the middle of nowhere. The farther north the more pastel the sunrise was.


#5 Liard Hot Springs – More an experience than a sight but these hot springs were amazing in the -40-degree temps.

Winter Scene

Written by Lacie from Eagle River Arkansas. You can follow Lacie on Instagram

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