Socktober 2020

by Christian Collard


Ok, it's been a really crazy and difficult year. 2020 has sucked for most people, and it's all the more reason to help others in need and DONATE SOCKS. We've all been affected by the Coronavirus in some way and confined to our homes. But imagine if we didn't even have a home to be confined to! 

This is one of those times where we need to be thankful for what we DO have and help others who HAVE LESS. So this month we're hoping to give away a TON of socks.  



SOCKTOBER is our annual charity event where we donate a pair of socks with every order placed in the month of October. We've also added a Donation option to our checkout page for our incredibly giving customers to donate additional pairs of socks. Donate a percentage of your order value or a dollar amount and we'll use that money to donate MORE socks! 

October is the start of the cool weather here in New England and the perfect time to add the Most Comfortable Merino Wool Socks to your sock drawer - AND a pair (or two) to others at the same time!


Where are the socks donated?

We donate the socks to various homeless shelters here in the Central Massachusetts area as well as other shelters suggested by our friends. If you know of any specific homeless shelter you would like to donate too, please send the information along to us at


Donate socks to homeless shelters near YOU!

We love donating socks to shelters near our customers! Here is how you can support a homeless shelter near YOU:

1. Tell all of your friends to purchase socks and donate with us. 

2. Find a local shelter and send us the contact name and address to 

3. At the end of the month we'll load up a box of socks and send them out


Want more info? Kid President says it best...