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10 Reasons Why Camping and Hiking Is Ideal During Fall

by Christian Collard

10 reasons to go camping the in the fall

Photo by adrian

Ah... the crisp magic and crackling sound of the fallen leaves during fall. The cooler air and warm sun. The incredible colors and views that come along with the outdoor lovers best time of the year! We think Fall is idea for Camping and Hiking. 


More Peaceful

Not many people go camping during fall as most of them avoid going in the cold weather or they are caught up with Halloween preparations or school. Hence, there is more quietness and you can enjoy doing activities or relax without any kind of interruption and overcrowding.


More Places to Visit

There are often fewer people  that visit the outdoors during fall than, you can enjoy the benefit of seeing and visiting more places and going hiking in different spots that are otherwise overbooked or reserved during summer or winter.


Fun Activities

During fall, you can do a lot of activities in your camps. You get to participate in activities such as going to the pumpkin patch and carving out pumpkins, Halloween activities, apple picking, Oktoberfest and many more. You get to be a part of different games and hunts, which keep you busy throughout camping.


Landscape Beauty

The landscape setting in fall is just mesmerizing. The yellowish color of leaves on the ground is aesthetically pleasing, which also gives a good background for your pictures. One of the best states to go camping in is Michigan to get to experience the beauty of fall.


10 reasons to go hiking in the fall


More Affordable

If you have a low budget prepared for you camping trip you, shouldn’t have to worry because fall is not a peak season for camping. The rates of campgrounds and reservations drop during the season, which makes it easier for you to visit most of the places.


Cool Breezy Weather

Fall can be the perfect season to wear your stylish sweaters and jackets because the chill in the wind is tolerable.

You can under the stars with a nice warm mug of white chocolate during camping. You also get to wear warm attire and the coziest socks made out of merino wool while hiking.

10 Reasons to go Camping in the Fall

Photo by Tegan Mierle

Warm Fall Food

You get enjoy the yummiest soups and pumpkin pies that are not very difficult to make over the bonfire. All these foods tell you that fall has arrived. Oh and Pumpkin Spice. 


No Bugs

You’re less likely to get bitten by bugs or mosquitoes when the weather is cooler in Fall. Bugs can really ruin a night under the stars!


Stress Relief

Stress sucks. Fall is a great time to get away. Take a short break and go camping, give time to heal yourself with the help of the environment before you go back to the grind. 


10 reasons to go camping in the fall

Photo by Andrew Neel


Sometimes, we tend to get lazy during the winter because of the extremely cold weather. It is best to start with your new workout routine during fall so you can keep up with it during winters with ease.


Get Fall Camping and Hiking Read!

Before you set out, make sure you have the necessary safety equipment, clothes, and travel gear to make your trip joyful and safe. Pack plenty of warm layers and don't forget your camera!