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For us, the family Campfire is where the best stories are shared, memories are made, and in 2017, is where our story began. It started with one simple question and the burning desire to create something really great.

What if you had one sock that was so Wildly Good you could wear it to the office, hiking, and everywhere else?

Think about it - You have one pair of socks you love (and wear all the time). You have a nice pair of hiking socks and dress socks that you save for special occasions. And then you have a bunch of other socks that have overstayed their welcome. 

What if you had one sock to replace them all? Then we could toss out all the old crusty socks in the back of our top drawer. 

Better yet: What if every season you could order a bundle of these great socks that are designed specifically for each season?

What a Wildly Good idea.



Ok, so in 2017 I ZERO sock-making experience.

I (Christian/Founder) am a Designer, Photographer, and Creative Guru. I am also a sock-snob so it seemed like a great "fit" to create the perfect sock and design a brand around it. I spent a year learning a new industry and created 100's of designs and samples before I landed on exactly what I was looking for. I sold most of my photography equipment to fund my first round of product. 

In 2018 we launched a lightweight merino wool sock (called campfire) that was designed to be a blend between a hiking sock and everyday sock. With the help of family and friends we started to share our new socks. Orders trickled in, and so did the 5-Star reviews. Each order helped to support the next run of inventory. We are proud to be a small family-owned business and 100% self-funded. 

Today we're building a brand with the goal to change the way you choose your socks: 

A Better Experience. We sell primarily direct to our consumer. This gives us the ability to better connect with our customers and cut out the big box mark-up. 

Seasonal Perfection. We launch a new sock bundle each season so you will have the right socks for the right environment (Join our mailing list below to get first dibs). 

Collaborative Effort. We work with others in our community to collectively create, educate, share, and grow. 

Do Good. Every sock we sell helps support charities we believe in and donate socks to those in need. in 2020 we became a member of 1% for the Planet



Wildly Good is a true collaborative company. Our designs and styles are inspired by feedback from our customers. Material is sourced everywhere from the United States to Australia. Our socks are crafted by manufacturing partners from here in the U.S to as far as away Asia - they are top notch and sustainable. Our photography and content are created by our talented friends we've met along our journey. 

We are constantly researching new fabrics and technology to create the best products from the best material. We also love connecting with new suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. This gives us a good excuse to see the world.

All products are shipped directly from our HQ located in the little town of Rutland, Massachusetts. 



From day one, our goal has been to DO GOOD with every pair of socks we sell. Since we launched in 2018, we have helped local charities and those less fortunate with sock donations. 

We're big fans of the outdoors so it was an honor to join 1% for the Planet in 2020. We now pledge a percentage of every sale to help important environmental charities that help preserve our planet and save wildlife.



The most important thing to us is our customers. All Wildly Good socks come with a HAPPY FEET GUARANTEE.  Our socks also include a 12 Month Warranty. We engineer our socks with tough fabrics to keep them strong and lasting for a long time. However, all socks are made with natural materials and sometimes they break down. If our socks tear within the first year, we are happy to replace them at no cost. If our socks don't fit, we're happy to replace or refund. We want all of our customers to fall in love with their socks and be our friends for life. 


Check out our very first product, Wildly Good Lightweight Merino Wool Socks