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10 Things Putting on Merino Wool Socks Feels Like

by Christian Collard

what does merino wool feel like?

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz 


Believe the hype.

Merino wool socks have been the next big thing for years, and we’re sure it’s here to stay. On top of their breathability, odor resistance, and itchless design, the thing both men and women love the most about merino wool is that it’s so. Dang. Comfortable.

Want us to prove it? Go ahead and read these 10 things that slipping on a fresh pair of merino wool socks feels like. We dare you to not buy ten pairs when you’re done.

(If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing here, maybe you’d like this check out where merino wool comes from first. Then, come back to this list. We’ll be impressed if you’re not convinced by then.)

1. Wearing merino wool socks is like working a double shift and coming home to a clean house, a warm bath and a glass of wine with your name written all over it. Literally. Your name written in sharpie, all. Over it (some of us have roommates with sticky fingers, you know).

2. Like the first sip of homemade chicken noodle soup after catching a case of the sniffles from a cold, rainy day. And it doesn’t burn the roof of your mouth off, either!

3. Like that first night you sleep silently in your own bed after a family vacation with your adult siblings which may or may not have reopened some old wounds (yikes).

4. Like after you get home from a lengthy run or gym session and realize you are now morally exempt from moving your exhausted body for the rest of the evening.

5. Slipping on a pair of clean merino wool socks is like crawling into a perfectly made bed with freshly laundered sheets. Let’s be honest- your Mom probably did that.

6. Like that moment when you settle in to read a book in bed, but have a moment of truth with yourself and turn on Netflix to binge watch The Office instead (ahhh… that’s better).

7. Like when your friend’s cat comes to sit in your lap over everyone else’s in the room.

8. Like that feeling when someone says “you were right”. And you weren’t actually sure if you were or not (oops).

9. When you’re dreading a super long flight but fall asleep for the exact duration, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to explore (we know...that’s never happened to us either).

10. You know when you make plans with somebody, you end up really not wanting to go, and then they cancel on you anyway? Yeah- wearing merino wool socks is like that.

Are you sold yet? It’s time to get cozy! Check out what we’ve got in the sock shop.


Written by Judy Russ