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10 Things You Should Always Bring On a Hike

by Christian Collard


Hiking is always a fun adventure for beginning and expert hikers alike. Whether you’re going on a short walk or a several-day trek, it’s important to bring the necessities to make your hike as easy as possible. Now of course, if you are planning on hiking and camping in the wilderness for several days, you’ll need the proper survival gear. But no matter what length of hike you’re planning, if you remember the items on this list, you’re sure to have a fun and relaxing hike!



To carry everything you might need, especially on a longer hike, bring a good, sturdy backpack. Something durable and comfortable is best. A bag with plenty of pockets is also great for keeping your necessities organized. I love taking photos on my hikes, so my backpack has special compartments for cameras and lenses. But if that’s not your thing, at least try to find a backpack that has a special pocket for your water bottle!



Speaking of cameras, take one with you to capture the amazing new landscapes and incredible views you discover! It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive camera. Even if you just use your smartphone, being able to go back and remember the beautiful places you’ve seen is worth stopping to take a snapshot. I would rather have pictures and not need them than want pictures and not have them!



Think you don’t need to worry about what kind of socks to wear on a hike? Think again! Wearing high-quality socks designed with hikers in mind will make your hike so much better. Wildly Good Merino Wool Socks are perfect for hiking or even just wearing around the house. The Merino wool used to make these socks is amazingly soft. It’s not itchy at all, keeps your feet warm in the cold, breathes well in the heat, prevents blisters, and the list goes on! These socks are definitely a must-have for your hike and for your everyday life!

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    You will regret every step of your hike if you don’t bring comfortable shoes! Invest in some decent running shoes or hiking boots if you do a lot of walking on a regular basis. I also like to bring a few bandaids with me in case I get blisters. However, you won’t need bandaids if you wear the right socks! ;)



      This is probably the most obvious necessity for a hike of any length. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere! I suggest getting a water bottle that keeps your water cold for many hours for a refreshing drink on the trail. 



      After hiking a long way to find the perfect view, it’s nice to stop and take a break. Find a shady spot to put up a hammock and enjoy that view you worked so hard to find!



      Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat for those bright sunny days or enough layers to keep you warm in the winter. And no matter what the forecast says, I try to bring a light rain jacket in case a storm pops up. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen and bug spray depending on where you’re hiking, or at least remember to apply it beforehand if it’s a short walk. 



      Bring a snack to give you a little energy boost on your hike. You don’t want to be stuck on the trail with nowhere to buy food if hunger strikes. If you have room in your backpack, and your hike is going to be long, you could even bring a picnic lunch!



      If you find yourself trekking through mud or crossing a shallow creek, a towel to wipe off your feet or shoes will come in handy. Nobody likes to hike with wet feet!



      Feeling creative? Bring a notebook or sketchbook with you on your hike. Practice drawing the landscapes or little pieces of nature like birds or leaves while you’re relaxing in that hammock. 

      So these are the items that I always bring with me on a hike! I hope you got some ideas, and don’t forget to grab a pair of Lightweight Merino Wool Wildly Good Socks for your next hiking adventure!

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