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21 Tips to Enjoy Traveling with Friends

by Christian Collard

21 Tips to Enjoy Traveling with Friends

Photo by Ian Schneider

Traveling with your friends can lead to some of the best times of your life. However, those who have traveled with friends will tell you - there are a few things to know before you GO... 

Here are 21 tips to help you make the most of your traveling experience with your friends.

1. Choose the RIGHT Friend 

The first thing to consider is WHO you choose to travel with. Traveling with someone who you’ve known for a long time makes it easier to travel and live together. You would be more comfortable and freely enjoy your trip without thinking that the other person might not like something you do. Traveling with someone you don't know as well will definitely give you some time to get to one one another - BUT beware of what you may find out - think snoring or strange eating habits! 


2. Arrange Finances BEFORE you leave!

If you are going with a group of friends or with one single friend talk, you should talk to them about the finances. Make sure that every one of you can afford whatever you are planning so that no one feels left out if they are unable to afford something. Discuss budgets BEFORE you leave!


3. Choose a the right size Group

Traveling with a smaller group makes it easier to manage traveling and is less stressful as there could be a lot of miscommunication when traveling in large groups.

Large groups can provide a more diverse group, but also make it hard to decide where to go for dinner!


4. Wants and Needs?

Everyone will want to do different things, which others might not like. Everyone’s wants and needs should be taken in to account so everyone is happy during and after the trip.

We suggest you get together and each make a list of each individual WANTS and NEEDS.


5. Be Flexible

You shouldn’t be so tied up on getting everything done on time or in a proper way. It’s okay if things do not go as planned. Learn to be flexible because you are traveling with other people wants and needs. It is okay to do things that are not planned even if you want to do them alone. Don't get offended if anyone from the group does not feel like going on with something that you have already planned.


6. Learn to Breathe

If something is not going according to the plan, don’t forget to breathe. Try to keep your emotions and temper intact, and remember to just enjoy the moment even if it’s not going the way you want it to.

Step away. Take a deep breath. Enjoy! 


7. Remove Communication Barriers

Make sure to communicate freely with everyone about anything. Details about the trip should be communicated efficiently and followed to avoid mishaps.

Make a group chat on your cell phones or email to make sure everyone is included. It's better to be open and honest. 


8. Make Your Bookings Properly

Make sure that you have booked everything in advance. Confirm your bookings before you leave to avoid last minute hassle. Get everyone together and go over all bookings, timelines, schedules, etc! You don't want to leave someone stranded in Chicago! 


9. Arrange Group Activities

Group activities such as hiking, swimming, snorkeling or going to a theme park should be organized and discussed. Doing things together is more fun and will make your trip memorable.


21 Tips to Enjoy Travel with Friends

Photo by justine de gennes 

10. Arrange Individual Activities

You decided to travel with friends and 95% of your time should be together for enjoyment and safety. However, don't feel like you cant take some time to take a walk by yourself or have a little alone time with your thoughts. 


11. Pay Attention to Safety

Everyone should be briefed on the safety instructions and everyone should be alert, especially when you’re in a big group. Make sure you all have one another contact info. Start a group chat on your phone. Schedule daily check in times. 


12. Avoid Phones

Ok, so keep your phone on you in case you get lost. But don't forget to put your phone away if you are all together enjoying each others company. 


13. Be Upfront and Honest

If something that the other person is doing bothers you, try to be upfront with them at that exact moment. Doing so will keep anger from building in your head. Little things can become BIG things by the end of your trip! 


14. Take Lots of (Candid) Photos

Take photos of everything to remember your trip! Don't always wait for the smile. There is nothing better than candid photos when you are with friends. Take some when they are sleeping or making a funny face while trying something they don’t like. These can also become great gifts or dirty reminders later in life...


15. Bring the Right Backpack

The right backpack can make or break your trip (and your back!). Poorly designed backpacks are not comfortable nor organized. You do not want to return from the trip with a aching back or a missing cell phone. Choose a backpack that is comfortable, and fits all your gear! 


16. Choose the Right Spots to Hang Out

Make sure you choose the right spots to hang out. If a place has some amazing historic site but you are not into history, it is best to avoid that place. Find underrated spots by talking to locals. Find places to hang out that interest you not just where all the other tourists hang out!


17. Take Photos with Locals

It is true that people feel more confident when they are with friends. If you want to talk to some locals and laugh out loud with them, you can do it in a friend’s company. Selfies with strangers can make some great memories. You may even make new friends! 


18. Choose (Fewer) Better Destinations

Don't try and hit every single landmark that Google suggests. You can ruin your trip by making it all about traveling. Traveling is fun, but only for some time. Make sure you choose fewer locations but make the most of them. Choose the top spots that interest you and spend more time there. Plus, you will need a reason to go back some day.


19. Choose a Different Mode of Travel

If you always ride an Uber - try a train. If you always take the subway to work - try a bus or bicycle. Make your trip fun by choosing the right mode of travel. Just don't choose a certain way to travel if some people in your group are nauseated by it - puuuke. 


20. Try a (Harmless) Prank!

At some point - have a little fun and surprise or prank them. Perhaps, make one of the locals your accomplice in a harmless prank to create a memorable moment. Be careful and be nice - foreign jail cells are not funny.


21. Wear the Right Clothes

Wear clothes are comfortable. Every item should be comfortable, from the cap on your head to the stocks on your feet. An Unnoticeable annoyance arising from uncomfortable clothes can make you irritable, and ruin the fun of traveling with friends.

Ok, we made it all the way thru these tips without mentioning how Wildly Good Socks are the BEST Socks for Travel because they are blister-free, anti-stink, and don't need t be washed for days! 


Don't forget to Stay in touch with your loved ones and tell them you are having the time of your life!