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5 Places (other than a trail) That I Wear Merino Wool Socks

by Christian Collard

merino wool are the perfect socks for bonfires

Photo by Mike Erskine

I’m a functional clothes buyer. Gone are the days of wearing high heels, cute dresses and meticulously planned accessories to my 8am college classes in the city- even the outfits I wear for a night out have become way more low key!

When I said goodbye to my fashionista days, high-quality, versatile, and practical clothing became a must. And I finally began searching for pieces that would prove to be appropriate for both hanging out and lunch with a client-or hiking and attending a party.

Merino wool socks are a no-brainer addition to this wardrobe. They’re temperature regulating, comfortable, dry, and stylish. In other words- an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Below are a few of my favorite places and situations to don these multifaceted little miracles!


1. Walking My Dog

I have a hound mix, and he is a boundless ball of energy (even still, at 4 years old)! My partner and I take him on at least four long walks daily and two hikes a week. He even gets thirty minutes of playtime a day. For him, the weather isn’t too much of an obstacle. Save torrential downpour, my pup is happy in just about any condition. For this reason, my partner and I keep a plastic bucket of outdoor weather gear by the door for quick access. It’s also where we keep our merino wool socks, which keep me dry in the rain, warm in the frigid cold, and cozy as my dog pulls me around to feverishly sniff patches of grass.


merino wool socks and chill


2. Rainy Netflix Night In

I used to hate wearing socks when I was relaxing inside because my toes felt totally suffocated! As I got a little older (and moved into a house with hardwood and tile floors), my feet got chillier. And I had to start wearing them out of necessity. Merino wool is not only incredibly comfortable and soft, it also let’s my toes “breathe”, eliminating that ‘trapped’ feeling I used to get when I wore socks as a kid.


"It wasn’t until I wore Merino Wool for a night in that I realized these socks were more versatile than I thought!"


3. Family Bonfires

My partner’s family is an outdoor family, and so most of their events, birthday parties, and celebrations are outside- year round. I’ve worn My merino wool socks to these special occasions, which usually include a bonfire in the wintertime. I’ve also impressed them with my ability to stand outside for hours in the winter and split wood with them!


4. Nights out in the City

What can I say? Merino wool socks have gotten pretty cute! Even my partner wears them out. They’re not too chunky or weighty so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing heavy duty snow gear to the cocktail bar, but they keep you just as warm. I’ve even worn them with shorts in the spring and summer time (they keep my feet my sweating).


5. To the Game

Anybody who lives in a big sports city knows the importance of having good gear for an outdoor game. Even though we’ve since moved away from Philadelphia, occasionally we’ll take the drive and go see an Eagle’s Game at the Lincoln Financial Field. And those games get cold. My merino wool socks have been a crucial go-to piece of gear for any outdoor event.


Written by Judy Russ