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6 Tips and Tricks For Cold Weather Camping

by Christian Collard


Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hiking boots for the season.

In fact, there’s a special kind of magic in snuggling up to a crackling campfire with a warm cup of cocoa on a short winter day. While it can be hard to get out of the house on a cold day, it always seems to be worth it on the way back home.

These expert tips will help you make the most of your cold weather camping experience.


6. Cuddle up with a "Warm Buddy"

While soaking up the last bit of campfire warmth before hitting the sack, place a pot of water on the campfire. When you're ready for bed, pour the water into your water bottle and wrap it in a soft shirt.

Keep your “warm buddy” close to your core for an extra boost of heat in your sleeping bag.

Cold weather camping tips and tricks

Photo by Jimmy Conover

5. Protect a Pair of "Sacred Socks"

The holiest of socks - no pun intended! “Sacred Socks” are a good pair of merino wool socks that you never - and we mean never - hike in. Their sole purpose is to give you that amazing feeling of donning fresh, dry socks at the end of a long, hard day.

Store them in the bottom of your sleeping bag so you're never tempted to dirty them up.

Hot Tip: Waking up cold in the middle of the night? Switch socks in your sleeping bag! Typically by the time you’ve moved your right sock to your left foot and vice versa, you’re warmed up enough to fall back asleep.

PS: Wildly Good Socks were MADE for both Cold Weather and Camping! Grab a pair or two!


keep your hands warm on a cold weather camping trip

Photo by Thought Catalog

4. Hand & Toe Warmers

Hand and toe warmers are not just for skiers and snowboarders.

Your tiniest extremities are at the greatest risk of frostbite. Not to mention the fact that it's helpful to be able to move your frozen fingers when you're setting up your tent.

Keep hand and toe warmers in your pockets and shoes for a warm reprieve while collecting wood or setting up camp.

Beware: Always keep a layer between you and the hand warmer. Those soft warm pouches will burn you if left in direct contact with your skin for long periods of time.


keep warm with cold weather camping!

Photo by Kevin Schmid

3. Add Butter To Your Cocoa

It’s a Bulletproof Cocoa kind of night.


As your body digests food, it generates heat. And high-fat snacks take longer to metabolize.

The combination of a high fat food like butter and an award-winning campfire beverage like hot cocoa are sure to stoke your internal fire well into the night.


2. Sleep with Your Water Filter & Batteries

Don't lose life saving tools to nighttime frost.

The actual water filter inside your pump or squeeze system is made of ceramic or glass. Even residual water left inside can cause it to freeze and crack in the night. You wouldn't even know if it was rendered useless.

Cold weather can also drain batteries.

Toss water filters and batteries in your sleeping bag when you lay down for the night. Your body heat will keep them from freezing.


1. Don't Hold Your Pee on Cold Nights!

We know the roughest part of roughing it is having to get out of your warm sleeping bag at night to urinate. But you can actually increase warmth by emptying your bladder. 

Your body has to burn calories to keep your urine warm - precious energy that could be spent keeping the rest of your body warm.

It’s a small price to pay for a night of warm relief.


Never Fear Cold Weather Camping

With these tips and tricks in your cold weather arsenal, you’ll be trekking the arctic in no time. 

Well, maybe not.

But you’ll be the envy of your camping buddies while enjoying the many wonders winter camping has to offer.