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And We Roam

by Christian Collard

Logan and Michelle (and Blue) recently took us along on a camping trip down the French River. Here's their story.


Michelle and I started dating right at the end of high school and knew instantly that even if we weren’t together very long, it was gonna be a good time while it lasted. One of our first dates involved fashioning a boat out of an old cardboard refrigerator box and an irresponsible amount of duck tape. Growing up in Colorado we were both pretty adventurous, and as it turns out, we complimented each other in that way- I came up with crazy ideas, she’d figure out how to make them work and plan all the details, we’d pack, and then I’d re-pack to make sure it was organized and find what she forgot. 

This dynamic served us well through college as our studying was punctuated by climbing trips and general tom-foolery. It’s at this point where we both poured our attention into photography. We photographed weddings and traveled as much as possible. Halfway through college, we got married, and upon graduating, we built out a camper van and lived on the road for a year. Our time on the road came to an end when Michelle got her dream job as a labor delivery nurse and we moved out to Asheville North Carolina. 

We’re still trying to put off adulting as long as possible, and while the rest of our friends were having babies- we decided it was time for one as well… a fur baby that is and our family grew by the size of one Great Pyrenees puppy named Blue. To welcome him into the family, we got him his own mini lifejacket and planned a canoe camping trip down the French Broad River. We paddled to an Island, pitched our tent, and put on some cozy & dry Wildly Good socks. We all sat by the fire, some of us with a cold beer in hand and some of us playing in the cool dirt, but all of us were exactly where we wanted to be. 

black cap merino wool socks

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blue merino wool socks

socks for canoeing

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