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How to Master Solo Adventuring and Traveling

by Christian Collard


The thought of traveling solo can be very intimidating and overwhelming. But it can also be the best way to experience and explore the world on your own terms. Traveling solo can be frightening, here are a few ways to master solo travel adventure.


Once you have decided WHERE you plan on visiting, research the location in detail. Get to know the surroundings, the type of people that live or go there, different places to visit, safest spots, dangerous spots, the type of cuisine, most common language spoken there, etc. Also, read reviews online about the place, study the map and find out how expensive or cheap the place is. Researching on all these things before traveling is very crucial for your safety and convenience. It’ll make it easy for you to decide whether you should choose that specific place or not.


Book it!

Book places in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak season. This way, you will have less chance of missing popular venues, sightseeing, and events. While booking, make sure you book places where there is a higher turn up. This way, you will get to meet different people and you won’t feel too left out or alone. Just because you are traveling alone does not mean you cannot talk to people or socialize once you are at your destination.



It is very important to be aware at all times, especially when you’re all alone in a new place. Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe during your adventure:

  • Choose to stay at a well-known hotel
  • Hire a car service so if it gets late at night, you can avoid walking lonely streets
  • Keep checking in on social media wherever you go
  • Share your live location with friends and family through an app
  • Buy a SIM and share your number with friends and family
  • Leave your itinerary with any member of your family
  • Take a self-defense class before you leave
  • Buy a fanny pack and keep your money and cards in it so it is right in front of you and there are fewer chances of losing any money


Travel with an Open Mind

There will be times when you might doubt going to a particular place because you’re scared. Do not forget to remind yourself that you might not get the chance to travel alone again.  Don’t stress out yourself too much or start overthinking, it will only make you feel worse. And later on, you’ll just regret putting yourself under so much pressure.

Don’t worry if you don’t follow your itinerary. You might see something new there, which you would want to try. If yes, go for it! It’s okay to take risks! Don’t be scared to approach new people. They will probably offer you some good advice on places to visit. Don’t be scared to try out new adventures such as bungee jumping or paragliding. Trying out all these new things will just prove how capable you are.


Enjoy every minute


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