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Socks for People who HATE Socks

by Christian Collard

We get it. Some people HATE to wear socks. To some they are a necessary evil. While you can do just about anything while barefoot, socks DO make walking, hiking, and outdoor activities are more comfortable if you are wearing a good pair of socks (and shoes). 

Check out this recent review from Todd... 


"I hate socks. I have always hated socks. I rebelled against them for as long as I could stomach the smell of my stinky feet and stinkier shoes, and then surrendered. I've tried many different brands and lengths and every pair just affirmed by stance - I hate socks! (But they are a necessary evil).

Truthfully, I'm not sure what prompted me to order Wildly Good socks. I'm sure it must have been an ad in my Instagram feed and they were having a sale, so giving into an impulsive moment, I bought them.

I can now say that I hate any socks that aren't my Wildly Good Lightweight Merino Wool Low-Cut Socks. These socks I love. These socks I love so much that I have already ordered more and will definitely order again.

These are the first socks I have ever worn that I can honestly say are comfortable. They keep my feet snug and warm (but not hot and sweaty). Normally, when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is get out of my shoes and socks. These I hate to take off.

I don't know one wool from another or understand why they fit so perfectly. All I know is that they do, and Wildly Good has earned a customer for life. I love these socks!!!"

Thank you Todd. This truly made our day. 

We understand not everyone loves socks as much as we do. But as Todd mentioned they are sometimes necessary. Maybe if you hate socks, you just have not found the right pair of socks yet? 

Give our Lightweight Merino Wool Low-cut socks a try. Apparently these are the socks for people who hate socks. 

Btw, Todd we're sending you a gift card to buy more socks as a Thank You for sharing your review. (We pick a new review each month to receive a gift card)