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8 Reasons Merino Wool Socks Should Be Your Everyday Sock

by Christian Collard

Wearing Merino Wool Socks Every Day

We all know Merino Wool is one of the best sock fabrics to wear when hiking, camping or other active and outdoor activities. But is Merino Wool the best sock to wear for everyday use? 

Merino Wool is has so many qualities that make it the preferred material for those times you need your feet to have the most versatile sock and ready for anything. For these reasons we think Merino wool socks should be the socks you wear EVERYDAY! Merino Wool is made up of fibers and helps to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter thus, making them perfect all year-round. These socks are magic as they offer a myriad of benefits and following are some of the reasons why Merino wool socks should be preferred over other socks.


8 Reasons Merino Wool Socks should be your EVERYDAY socks...

1. Merino Socks Are Very Soft

We all know the advantages of wearing wool. Then what makes merino socks different? This is because the itching is the major issue faced by people who wear wool socks, while merino wool fibers are less coarse and are thinner as compared to regular wool. You have to wear something underneath with normal wool to protect your skin from the garment, however, you can wear merino wool socks directly on your skin because its so soft!


2. Merino Socks Are Lightweight

Merino socks are made up of fine fibers, therefore they are much lighter as compared to other wool. Its light weight makes it easier to wear with shoes as they are lighter on the feet and wont cause blisters.         


3. Merino Socks Are Sustainable

The best thing about Merino wool socks is it is 100 percent ecological. Typically, Merino sheep are shorn one to two times a year, therefore, their growth is fast. A well trained shear can extract Merino Wool from the sheep with no harm to the animal. 


4. Odor Resistant

Merino socks have fibers that deter bacteria making them odor resistant. You can wear Merino Wool socks several times before they will need to be washed (depending upon your activity). 


5. Merino Socks Doesn’t Sag or stretch

The merino wool’s natural elasticity allows garments to easily stretch and then return to its original shape. This is why they are the best material for socks. The merino fibers prevent bagging and sagging. You will notice that they have lots of flexibility, therefore, when you are wearing merino wool socks, you can easily find the ideal fit for your feet.          


6. Durability

Before your Merino socks are made, these are put to the field test. The specialty of Merino sheep is that their fleece possesses amazing natural engineering through which they can survive extreme weather conditions. Even though they are lightweight, the merino socks keep the feet warm in winters up to temperature -10C, while in summers it keeps cool in temperatures of up to +30°C.


7. Merino Socks are Antimicrobial and Breathable

Another important benefit of wearing merino socks is it is not only breathable but also antibacterial. This means, because of its moisture-wicking quality, these socks are capable of keeping unwanted smells at bay. Now you can say goodbye to those awful foot odors as this wool can keep your feet odor-free and less sweaty.


8. Merino Socks Prevents Blisters and Keeps You Skin Dry

Because Merino is moisture-wicking and breathable, therefore, it also keeps your feet dry so there are no chances of blisters and skin irritation while you are enjoying the day. 


Have we convinced you that Merino Wool is the perfect fabric to wear as your everyday sock? Check out our collection of Lightweight Merino Wool Socks.