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The Best Socks for Summer

by Christian Collard
Hiking and walking in warm weather requires the right sock to keep your feet comfortable and dry.  You need a sock that is durable, odor-resistant, and comfortable. In the summertime, warm weather can take a toll on your body (especially your feet) and make you sweat. A fabric that is breathable is a must. Merino wool is widely considered the best fabric for breathability and comfort. Can you wear wool in the summertime? Yes, a lightweight merino wool sock with moisture-wicking breathability is probably the BEST sock for summer hiking and walking.

Sock Fabric

A sock fabric with wicking ability can keep you cool, dry, and blister-free in any weather - even warm summer hiking. Merino wool is a naturally absorbent fiber that can retain up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture (or sweat). Keeping your foot cool and dry reduces the chance of blisters as the sweat evaporates from your sock. There is a reason that wool is a popular ingredient in the fabric blends of many hiking socks. Merino wool is a natural fiber that not only keeps you cool and dry but its also incredibly comfortable, which is a key to enjoying your summertime hikes and outdoor activities.


Let's be real, your feet sweat in all climates, especially summertime. And sweaty feet STINK! For this reason, many people don't wear socks at all in warm weather. Until they find merino wool socks. The most beneficial feature of Merino Wool is its ability to deter bacteria. Bacteria leaves your feet via sweat and moisture, and since Merino wool has the ability to naturally deter moisture and bacteria, there is no place for the odor to hang around. No sweat, no stink.
best socks for summer

Sock Weight

Socks come in several different weights ranging from lightweight to very thick. Traditionally wool has been known as a "thick" fabric to keep our feet warm in cold weather. While this is very true, lightweight merino wool socks have been increasingly popular over the last few years and can be very comfortable in warm weather. A lightweight sock allows for greater breathability and the perfect weight for summertime heat on your feet. A thicker hiking sock can still provide great support for longer hikes in a more durable waterproof boot. Consider lightweight merino wool for short distance activities and medium weight to longer summer hikes with the proper footwear. 

The Length

Hiking socks are available in many different lengths, but most popular is a crew. The length of your sock is often determined by the type of shoes or footwear you are wearing. In the summertime, wearing less fabric allows air to travel across more of your skin, which increases sweat evaporation, keeping us cool and comfortable. So, the smaller the sock the better. If you are wearing sneakers or hiking shoes consider a low-cut sock. If your hiking boots rise above your ankle you will be more comfortable in a crew length sock.
Are you convinced yet that lightweight Merino Wool socks are the BEST socks for summer? Give them a try and see for yourself. Check out our Lightweight Merino Wool Low Cut or Crew Socks to enjoy on your next summertime hike or outdoor adventure.