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The Coronavirus Plan

by Christian Collard
It's getting scary out there. COVID-19 is the number one headline around the world. You're probably hearing everything from "Don't listen to the media" to things like "We're all going to die!".  We're likely somewhere in the middle, but I'm no pandemic expert. So let's all be cautious, careful, prepared, and get through this thing! 

The Wildly Good Plan to Survive the Coronavirus

No Big Events 
We get it... you have tickets and were looking forward to the event. The reality is, its not worth the risk of exponentially spreading the virus and overwhelming our healthcare system. Every large event or gathering in the country is being canceled. You cant attend an NBA or NHL or any other sporting event right now, so don't. 

Spend time with Friends 
Most offices and schools are closed or closing for the foreseeable future, so we're going to get lonely real fast. Find friends that are not hacking up a lung, and hang out with them. We still need interaction with others so go play UNO, heck we finally have time to play Monopoly.  What about friends that are sick? Send them a handwritten card, a nice text, or even a phone call. A smile goes a long way towards recovery. 

Check-in on old people
COVID-19 can be fatal to the elderly. If you have a parent or elderly person in your life, give them a call and check in on them regularly. Limit physical visits in case you happen to be carrying the virus. If they need anything from the store, go get it for them so they don't need to go out and buy it from all the germy people at Walmart. Tell them they can call you with anything. 

Don't buy ALL the Toilet Paper!
You've seen those photos on Facebook... the crazy-lady with two carts full of all the TP. Seriously? Why do you need to buy ALL the toilet paper? What is the elderly grandmother who goes to Walmart on the first of the month (with her social security check) going to do if there is NO toilet paper left? Grab what you need for the next week or two. If you need more toilet paper than that - lack of TP won't be your biggest problem. Consider others. 

Clean the House & Write a Book
If you find yourself stuck at home, maybe it's a good time to clean that closet or garage you have been putting off for a while. Make a shortlist of things you have been wanting to do and start checking them off. When Corona-Craze is all over and we go back to life as we knew it, we'll at least have accomplished something. We're planning on writing more blog posts. 

Annnnd our #1 tip to survive the outbreak: GET OUTSIDE!
I'm pretty sure the chances of catching COVID-19 on a hike alone in the woods are pretty low. Nature has a way of taking care of these sorts of things, its the man-made places we need to worry about. Getting outdoors will do wildly good things for your mind and body - especially if you find yourself locked up inside your small apartment for a couple of weeks. Start checking off new places from your hike list. 

Bottom line: Let's keep on living our life with caution for ourselves and consideration for others. 

We're a small business and plan to keep doing our thing. You keep ordering Wildly Good Socks, and we'll fulfill them with love and appreciation. 

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