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Merino Wool is Trending. Here’s Why:

by Christian Collard

omfort, function, and durability are features of merino wool that both hikers and netflix bingers can get behind.

Do you have one of those friends who’s always waking up disturbingly early in order to beat the sunrise to a nearby mountain vista? Who’s car always looks like its been submerged in a vat of mud, like a strawberry dipped in milk chocolate? Who’s shoes are filled with various types of twigs and pebbles, but always keeps a pair of fresh socks in their pack?

You either have that friend, or you arethat friend.

These folks have no problem totally immersing themselves in the rustic beauty of nature- but they also understand the gravity, the luxury, the downright necessity of having a clean and dry pair of socks, ready to go. And they don’t compromise.

Why? Because damp socks are not only a bummer, they can cause blisters, athlete’s foot, or even worse- frostbite. So how does your most outdoorsy friend prevent these and other tragedies or discomforts? And why should you be following their lead?

Merino wool socks are a notorious favorite amongst the hikers, trekkers, and campers of our generation.

They’re breathable, antimicrobial, and have temperature regulating properties that make them an indisputable choice to wear year-round. They whisk the sweat right off our feet, reducing the likelihood of foot injury or damage. And best of all, they’re quite stylish, with options for men and women alike.

It’s no wonder that they’ve also grown in popularity for everyday wear.

Thanks to a surge in demand for functional, comfortable, and minimalist clothing, utility has become a crucial component for most us when considering our wardrobe options. And since merino wool socks are exemplary of these features, they’ve become a commodity for everyone. Because it’s not just hikers that experience harsh weather conditions- right? Just this past February, three American cities hit an all time record highfor snowfall!

Just think about all the folks that commute to work via bicycle or on foot. In order to face the daily elements, durable, highly functioningpieces are a must even for them. They conveniently

eliminate the need for a complete outfit change upon arriving to work- but most importantly, they keep us cozy and safe.

Life doesn’t stop for snow, rain, wind, or cold. We still have to lace up our boots and go outside, walk the dog, or buy groceries. The necessity for garments that keep our bodies warm and dry is not exclusive to those who spend excessive amounts of time outside.

merino wool is trending amongst millennials

But modern style isbeing informed by lifestyle trends.

For mountaineers and backpackers, efficiency is the name of the game. Outdoorsmen and women have an objective of minimizing the weight they carry and maximizing the functionality of the items they choose to take.

Pieces of this mentality can be seen in trends like minimalism. Our values as a society are changing- our priorities shifting. Now more than ever, folks are choosing the simplicity of owning a few high quality goods, rather than harboring a vast selection of average merchandise. And the fashion world is responding.

Perhaps the best (and our most favorite) fad that people are catching on to iscomfort.Fewer women are wearing heels, concepts like “hygge” are being incorporated into daily living, and casual weddings are on the rise worldwide.

And is there anything more cozy than changing out a pair of cold, damp socks to a warm, soft new set?

Maybe your outdoor-loving, adventure seeking friend has been wearing merino wool for years, and maybe you thought it was just a hiker thing. But maybe it’s time for you to see what all the fuss is about. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little comfort, after all?


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Written by Judy Russ