About Wildly Good Socks





Wildly Goods is a small family-owned apparel brand based in the center of Massachusetts, USA. Our mission is to design the most comfortable socks on the planet. Wildly Good Socks are not your fathers old stinky socks - our socks are made of quality merino wool and tough enough for all of your outdoor activities. We design and ship all orders from our shop here in New England. 



I (Christian, founder here) love great socks. As a young adult I had an expensive habit of buying top of the line socks fit for hiking Mount Everest. The only problem was that I was rarely in the Himalayas. I was often wearing thick wool socks to the office and while they kept my feet warm and dry, I needed a sock that better fit my lifestyle. When I could not find what I wanted, I created my own.

I spent many late nights learning about sock and apparel production. I sent countless designs to manufacturers around the globe. After several months of trial and error I had finally arrived on a sock that was lighter than a traditional hiking sock, comfortable enough for everyday wear, does not stink when I sweat, and tough enough to last. I also added features like a padded bottom and arch compression. I sent my new socks out to a few friends and the feedback was Wildly Good. 

In 2018 I manufactured our first 1000 pairs and started selling them online.  We've since added new colors and sizes and continue to grow our catalog. Our friends and ambassadors help to spread the word and grow the brand. We have become a true collaborative company. 



When we first launched in 2018, we were called BEAR FEET, but we've recently changed our name to Wildly Goods. "Wildly Good Socks" has always been our description and tagline - and we feel that it better suits our brand going forward. WILDLY GOOD will still always focus on creating the best socks, however we also have dreams of expanding our products into other great quality goods. 



Wildly Good Socks is a true collaborative company. We design and ship all products from our shop located in the little town of Rutland, Massachusetts. Our color combinations and styles are inspired by our love for the outdoors. Material is sourced from countries such as Australia. Our socks are crafted by our manufacturing partners from here in the U.S to as far as Asia - they are top notch and sustainable. Our photography and content are created by our talented friends we've met along our journey. 

Many of our socks are all made with a Merino Wool blend. Check out our guide on Why Buy Merino Wool Socks or Read more about Wildly Good Socks.



All Wildly Good socks come with a HAPPY FEET GUARANTEE: We promise you will love your socks and that they will support your feet on your new adventures.  If you do not love them, simply send them back within 30 days and we'll send you a new pair.

Our socks also include a 12 Month Warranty. We engineer our socks with tough fabrics to keep them strong and lasting for a long time.  If your socks tear or get holes in the first year, something went wrong and we are happy to send you a new pair at no cost. 


Wildly Goods is located in the little town of Rutland, Massachusetts. All socks are designed and shipped from our HQ. Our mailing address is PO BOX 743, Rutland, Massachusetts 01543.