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Wildly Good Socks are designed to be your favorite pair of socks. Tough enough for the trail, comfortable enough to wear everyday.

But don't take our word for it...



Based on 477 reviews
Great Socks

Very comfortable. Fit great. Not my favorite when I’m at work but I love them when I’m off…with or without shoes/boots. Great socks.

My husband really likes them!

False advertising

The website said $25 gift cards for $10 and they sent me $10 gift cards. No response from the company when I emailed them about it. Not sure if this business is legit or not.


My order is 9582 ordered back in March. Still did not receive anything. Left numerous messages on Facebook, Instagram messenger and called with no response. This company is a scam. Had to cancel my credit card after waiting 2 months run away as fast as you can

Great Product

Ordered the low cut socks. Love the way they are warm, comfortable and practical. I gave 4 stars because shipping took a long time (over 3 weeks).

Socks are Great, Shipping is slow!

I really like the socks but the shipping was much too slow. I had VIP shipping and I had to contact the company to check the status of my order because of the delay. I recently purchased an additional pair and again still not shipped days after the order was placed. Thank you

Great socks!

Love the feel of these socks. Should be perfect for my hikes in Colorado while out hunting.

My Go-To Socks!

This was the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) order of these socks and they are perfect for walking, hiking, and daily ‘running’ around. Being wool, they retain warmth when wet. They clean and dry quickly. I couldn’t be happier. Holding out now for some solid colors (black and navy) for use with more dressy outfits. ‘Walk On!” to borrow a phrase from my musical days…

Socks have not arrived

I haven’t received this order.

I Don't Do Product Reviews

But, these socks warrant highest praise. Thickness great for wide range of activity, from casual walking to serious hiking. They do it without annoying padding at ball or heel. They stay up, but aren't constricting or pinching around the top. And, with the magic of wool, they are warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Best socks, hands down

Work on shifts 12+hrs and I have worn similar name brand merino wool socks and these are far superior, lighter socks so your feet don’t get hot and they are so comfortable. Definitely worth the try.

Most Comfortable Socks

You get what you pay for... I don't mind taking care of my feet, as they make me go places. These socks are healthy for my feet. I now have 3 pack bundles, as they are the best! Perfect countour on my feet. No sweat or stink and super comfortable. They were my weekend socks, but no I have promoted them to full time.

Great Socks

So far I am enjoying these socks! They are just right for everyday wear!

So far, so good!!!

Very comfy from the very moment that I tried them on. Only regret is not buying more of them, but these socks don't come cheap, yet they are worth every penny because they're not like the average standard pair of socks out there. Wear them for a few weeks, they get holes in them already. With this pair, I don't think that's possible. I'm definitely buying another pair really soon!!!

Wish They Would Last

I bought these socks just a few months ago. Love them. Soft and comfortable. Keep feet warm and dry. Sadly one of the 4 pairs I bought has developed a large hole already at the front of the heel cap. It appears to have seperated where the cap attaches to the bottom of the sock and the fabric is paper thin. Hopefully the other 3 pairs will hold up for a while longer. I've worn merino wool socks for over 5 years and am still wearing the ones I first purchased then. That's why I expected more from these.

Sock’s it to the competition

Walk a mile in my socks
Just walk a mile in my socks
And before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Just walk a mile in my socks
If only Elvis had tried these socks…

Love the socks but.

I really like the socks but they are showing through on the heels in most of the socks. All less than 2 years old. I like everything else about them.

Worth every penny

These socks are amazing. They are comfortable and durable. They will definitely keep your feet warm in cold weather. You definitely are getting what you pay for with these socks

Wool Crew Socks

These are by far the best socks I have ever worn. This was my 4th purchase of the crew socks. I wear them all year round. I have yet to wear out a pair. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I also have worn them for work, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Great socks and great job Wildly Good!👍👍👍👍👍

Socks seem good, but customer service stinks

I like the socks. I can wear them more than once without issue and I feel like they keep my feet insulated. However, I ordered small/med in a package and I got one pair sma/med and one pair large. The small / med are almost too big, so I know the larges would definitely be too large. I've attempted to call, email, and filled out the contact form on multiple occasions to get my socks exchanged because they're way too expensive to not get what I ordered. I've never heard back. Not once. The phone number doesn't even pick up. So now I'm stuck with an expensive pair of socks I can't use. Will not be trusting this company again, unfortunately, because I do like the socks and it'sdisappointing.

Quad bundle

Gave them away as Christmas gifts

Excellent socks

I received a pair in Battlbox and bought more 2 weeks later. They are the only socks I wear. Super comfortable at work and play. No stink at all and durable.

So soft, But…

I was really looking forward to wearing these socks since they are wonderfully soft, but I must be the only person to buy them who has large calves. When I tried the pair on, I found the foot part plenty wide enough, but when I pulled upwards, i couldn’t get them up without my calf hurting from the tightness. I’m so disappointed.

One of my favorite socks but developing holes at the heel after 2 years

These are one of the most comfortable socks I've tried. However, almost all 3 pairs of mine are starting to develop holes at the heel. I don't wear these every day but instead, rotate them out every few days. The pairs that I own are from 2019 and maybe improvements were made? Tried contacting CS a week ago via email but no answer.