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Why Buy Merino Wool Socks?

why buy merino wool socks

Merino wool is a magical fabric created by rainbow colored unicorns that make your feet feel as soft as clouds and smell like acres of clean fresh flowers...

Ok - a bit of an exaggeration, but its pretty close...



Merino is a breed of sheep known for its soft and finely crimped wool. The diameter of wool is measured in microns - the lower the micron the finer it is. Regular coarse wool can be over 40, but merino is much finer, from about 15 to 24 micron. Merino isn’t itchy or rough like thicker wools but still offers impressive warmth and moisture wicking capabilities. Merino sheep are most commonly found in Australia, but also are being raised in the United States, New Zealand, South America, and elsewhere around the globe.



Merino wool is popular amongst actives, because of its warmth relative to its weight. The fabric naturally traps heat between the fibers - making it warmer than fabrics of the same weight. Merino wool is also good in the heat as it regulates your body temperature really well. Arguably, it’s just as good in the heat of summer as it is in cold of winter. Merino wool is used for running, hiking, and other active sports for its comfort across a range of temperatures. Merino wool keeps you insulated, so you’ll be cool, dry, and ventilated when your body starts working up a sweat.

Merino wool also has an ability to insulate your body when wet. If you get wool socks wet, it won’t compromise their ability to keep you comfortable. The same goes if you’re sweating: merino wool socks wont stick to your feet like cotton. Merino will keep you at a comfortable temperature and retain its soft feel.

Moisture wicking fabrics pull moisture away from your skin by absorbing it into the fibers. The moisture then moves through the fabric and evaporates through the exterior. Merino has high levels of moisture wicking because of its ability to retain a lot of liquid relative to its weight, making it an ideal fabric for wet and sweat.



Many fabrics when wet - create an environment for bacteria to grow, leaving your socks stinky. Merino wool absorbs moisture without an allowing bacteria to grow on it. No bacteria - no stink. 

Since merino wool does easily allow bacteria growth, you can expect to wear merino for multiple days without it feeling smelly or dirty. For this reason, it’s the go to material for multi-day outdoor adventures, travel, or light packers. For multi-day backpacking, climbing, skiing, and road trips, it’s really the only option.



Merino wool socks require nylon in their construction to create their structure and the high-density knitting allows merino wool to be long lasting. Quality constructed wool socks (like ours) hold up well to a lot of wear and will continue to hold form. Drying socks may cause them to initially shrink, but the material will stretch back to it original form. 



To extend the life of merino wool socks - we suggest you wash your socks in cold water and line dry. You can dry in a traditional machine dryer - but they may contract the fibers. The cool thing about merino, is even if it shrinks in the dryer, it expands back to form your feet. 



The only negative to merino its its price. Merino wool is expensive due to its availability in comparison to cheaper fabrics such as cotton. Most name-brand merino hiking and skiing socks cost anywhere from $20 to $30! 

SO, why are Wildly Good Merino socks less expensive than other brands? Wildly Good Socks are more affordable for a couple reasons....

1. We manufacture our socks thru partners that use left over fabrics - saving on overhead and reduced inventory costs. We even use the same manufacturers as many of the big name sock brands!

2. We sell our socks direct-to-consumer so we can cut out the wholesale markup. Most products you buy in retail (Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabella's) were purchased at a 50% discount. So a $20 sock at the store is purchased from the brand at $10, and it probably cost them $2-$5 to make. 



If you actively enjoy life (like us) - hike, bike, run, climb, roam - you want the best thing you can put on your feet. Merino wool is soft and comfortable, a natural stink prevention, and prevents blisters. Its a performance fabric with a high-end price, but merino is superior to any other fabric you can buy to enhance your comfort and abilities. Your feet will thank you.


Are you convinced that merino wool socks are the best fabric for your feet? Check out our Selection of Merino Wool Socks and grab a pair today!