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We designed Wildly Good Socks to be your favorite pair of socks. Each morning you gaze into the abyss of balled up socks in your drawer. When you own Wildly Good Socks, these are the first pair you grab.  

merino wool  CRAZY-COMFORTABLE. Our socks are built with the softest Australian Merino Wool fibers. You will LOVE how comfortable they feel!
lightweight socks LIGHTWEIGHT. Lightweight socks are the new standard in quality socks. Old time wool socks were thick and itchy. Lightweight socks support your feet better and prevent rubbing and blisters. 
tough merino wool socks TOTALLY-TOUGH. Reinforced with Nylon and Spandex to stretch with your feet and remain strong for years. 

blister free socks BLISTER- FREE. Since our socks form to your feet, there is no rubbing. Our socks are also thinner than typical wool socks that move around in your shoes causing blisters. 
socks that dont stink ANTI-STINK. Our socks are constructed with breathable fabrics that naturally deter bacteria. No more smelly socks. You can actually wear our Merino Wool socks multiple times before washing them! 



Lightweight / Unisex

Our Merino socks are built for your everyday adventures. The primary material is a natural fabric called Merino Wool. We also blend flexible materials to strengthen and stretch the sock. The merino wool socks are anti-stink because the material helps wick away moisture and deter bacteria. Our Merino Wool socks can be worn multiple times without the need to be washed and provide warmth and support to your feet on long hikes outdoors or a long day on the job. 

Bear Feet Merino Wool Socks



Wildly Good Socks are adult unisex and fit to match US shoe sizes. We currently offer two size variants: Small/Medium and Medium/Large. All of our socks contain material that make them stretchy and tough to fit a range of sizes and shapes.
S/M 5-9 6-10
M/L 9-13 10-14


We know you will love your Wildly Good Socks. If for some reason they don't fit or you don't like them, we'll be happy to send you a new pair or you can send them back for a full refund. You have a full 30 days to wear them with no questions asked. Our socks are also built to last. If they tear or wear within the first 12 months, we'll replace them at no cost. 


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