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CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods
CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods
CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods
CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods
CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods
CoolMax Neck Gaiter - Wildly Goods

    CoolMax Neck Gaiter

    $13.95 $19.95

    Wildly Goods Lightweight CoolMax Neck Gaiters are Hyper-Functional and perfect for the active and outdoors.

    These hyper-functional neck gaiters are constructed from a moisture-wicking and wind-blocking lightweight CoolMax material. They can be worn as a traditional neck gaiter, a skull cap, headband, face cover/protector, or balaclava under the helmet. It's as functional as it is stylish. One size fits all.

    Wildly Goods CoolMax Neck Gaiters are made in partnership with our friends at Cutaway USA, Charlottesville, VA.

    • Seamless construction
    • Super soft Coolmax fabric for breathability and moisture control
    • High quality sublimated print

    *These are NOT medical-grade masks. 

    All products come with our Wildly Good Guarantee.

    If what you ordered does not fit or you don't love it - we'll replace your item or give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

    If you experience any rips, tears, holes, or fails within 12 months, we'll send you a replacement at no cost!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Amazing design, snug on the skin

    get one. you wont be disappointed.


    Neck Gaiters are not just for the neck :)

    Love my Wildly Good neck gaiter. I actually wear it to cover my hair while golfing (gaiter covers head/hair under golf cap)... Keeps hair clean, untangled and helps to absorb any moisture from the Florida heat. Thanks Wildly :)

    Kevin M.
    Absolutely top shelf

    Super comfortable and stretchy. Most buffs/neck gaiters are really tight on me and don’t stretch nearly enough... this one however is perfect. It’s the right blend of soft and stretchy without being loose and baggy. I’ve used it in the gym as well as on the ski slopes. Love it.

    Andy Fuqua
    Super comfortable

    I bought the gaiter out of curiosity. I’ve tried several brands of gaiters, and this one is the most comfortable. Very lightweight and cool. Very soft. It doesn’t bunch up weird around my neck like other gaiters I’ve had.

    Tim Reade
    Great for biking

    As the cooler weather is here, this gaiter is still a nice wind barrier. In the summer I am sure the Cool Max fabric will make it comfortable.