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The Best Fabrics to Wear In Cold Weather

by Christian Collard


When you are planning a trip or adventure in cold weather, it is important to wear proper warm clothes. Choosing the proper clothes requires choosing the right fabrics. Here are the best types of fabrics that will keep you perfectly warm during the extremist of the weather.



In our humble opinion Wool is THE BEST fabric for cold weather. Wool is primarily acquired from sheep, lambs, and other animals. Wool is a lightweight material and provides warmth due to its natural fibers. Wool is long-lasting and very tough. Merino Wool, in particular, is one of the best-rated fabrics to keep you warm in cold weather due to its natural ability to wick away moisture and breathability. There is a reason most Beanies, Sweaters, Boots, Socks, Scarf, and Mittens are made of wool!

Most of these items should be in your backpack before you travel to a cold destination. While looking for wool garments, make sure you pick items made out of Merino wool. 

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merino wool socks are the best socks for cold weather



We get leather from animal skin. Animal skins are mostly thick and soft. As a result, leather items provide you warmth because they are like having two skins on your body. You can find jackets, bags, purses, wallets, boots, caps, and more in leather. Leather is one of the most highly used fabrics worn in cold environments. Leather items, such as leather pants, jackets and shoes can keep you warm during the coldest weather. The best thing about leather is that it looks stylish while protecting your body from cold.



Fleece is a kind of wool obtained from sheep. It is very lightweight and soft. Fleece is comparatively a cheaper fabric than the other ones mentioned above. It is easily accessible and inexpensive. Products that are made out of fleece are jackets, shirts, and sweaters. Fleece is also used for blankets, so you can imagine the warmth it provides.



We’ll add cotton to the list because Cotton is one the most widely used and excepted fabrics here in the US. While it may not be the top choice for breathability, it can be layered to retain heat. Cotton is used for both cold and warm kinds of weather. Most people prefer to wear cotton during winter because of its affordability and soft texture. For those that are allergic to natural fabrics such as wool, cotton is likely the best alternative. Cotton is long-lasting in nature. However, it retains moisture so it isn’t recommended to wear in the rain or snow.


merino wool socks for cold weather

The material you choose to wear in cold weather will go a long way in your comfort and enjoyment. Be sure to choose the right clothing for the occasion!


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